Boyzell Hosey: Photojournalism from darkroom to digital

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Lecture: Boyzell Hosey - Photojournalism from darkroom to digital.
August 26, 2021
Throughout history, photographers and artists have used technological advancements to reinvent themselves and push the medium to new heights. In conjunction with our special exhibition The Woman Who Broke Boundaries: Photographer Lee Miller, we invite you to join Boyzell Hosey, the Tampa Bay Times’ deputy editor for photography, for a discussion about the advancements in photography and its impact on photojournalism.

During Lee Miller’s career apex in the late 1930s and ’40s, large 8×10 and 4×5 cameras using sheet film negatives were being laid aside for more nimble 35mm and medium-format cameras, which allowed for many more exposures per roll of film. Lee’s favorite was the reliable Rolleiflex, a German-made, twin-lens reflex camera that produced 12 negatives, each 2 ¼ inches square. Her finite rolls of film had to be developed, edited, then printed before audiences could study the images. Now, imagine that in the context of the 21st century, where digital photography allows for the storage of thousands of images on tiny cards, paired with cameras that can transmit photographs around the globe for instantaneous viewing and sharing.

Boyzell Hosey’s 30-year career has spanned the use and application of various film types, advanced darkroom work, as well as adopting the earliest digital cameras and image transmission technology. From his early days in art school to later transitioning to journalism, Boyzell’s career as a photojournalist and seasoned photo editor has allowed him to witness and plan for significant news events, including devastating hurricanes, political conventions, Super Bowls and even Tiger Wood’s winning putt for his first Master’s tournament win. Along the way, technology has literally changed nearly everything about photography, except for one common theme: a great moment captured is still the most valuable currency of a gifted storyteller.
Boyzell Hosey is a deputy editor at the Tampa Bay Times, overseeing photography. During his 23-year career at the Times, Hosey has served as photojournalist, picture editor and in senior management. As the lead photo editor, he is responsible for managing a staff of award-winning photojournalists, as well as curating visual coverage and edits of the Times’ most prestigious work, such as investigative projects, major sporting events, including most recently, Super Bowl 55, political conventions and devastating hurricanes. In 2015, Hosey won a regional Emmy for his supporting role in the multimedia piece “Long Road Out.” In addition to their individual achievements, his staffers have been instrumental contributors to the Times’ most-lauded projects, including its 13th Pulitzer Prize, awarded this year in the Local Reporting category. Hosey serves on several boards, including the University of Florida Journalism Advisory Council, Journeys in Journalism - a magnet program with Pinellas County, Fla., schools, and the Photo Technology Advisory Board of St. Petersburg College. Hosey also is co-founder of the Tampa Bay Collard Green Festival - an annual, nonprofitevent designed to inspire the community to live healthier by focusing on culinary experiences, urban agriculture, fitness and family fun. He resides in St. Petersburg with his wife, Andrida. They have two adult children and three grandkids.

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